These days, the financing and co-production opportunities available are more
complicated than ever. Ambergate provides a service which locates and defines
these opportunities for filmmakers seeking production funding and facilities. On behalf
of either individual producers or film production companies, Ambergate seeks out
financial availability in countries around the world in an effort to either help capitalize
or arrange co-production/distribution agreements to enable films to get made by
identifying potential partners and bringing these parties together.

Additionally, Ambergate acts on behalf of clients to arrange foreign sales alignments
with appropriate selling companies for representation of their films in worldwide
territories. Ambergate also provides consultation to producers and film companies on
'rent-a-distributor' relationships with major studios as well as production facilities and
services available throughout the world.

Over the years, Ambergate has established strong relationships with leading
distributors and exhibitors throughout the world. As part of Ambergate's film marketing
services, meetings are conducted with these individuals to review advertising,
promotion and release plans in addition to regular phone and written contact
throughout the course of a film's preparation and ultimate distribution.

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