Ambergate assists independent producers to ensure that the marketing and
distribution of their pictures are properly handled. This involves liasing with
domestic and international distributors to review budgets, release plans, advertising,
publicity and promotional campaigns, and assisting in the execution of marketing
activities worldwide. Ambergate acts as the marketing eyes and ears of the producer
to facilitate the most effective release possible and to ensure the efficient flow of
information between production and distribution. Where producer P&A commitments
are involved, Ambergate supervises and monitors both the budgeting and spending
plans and activities of individual distributors on the producers behalf.

Ambergate has extensive experience in designing and orchestrating corporate identity
campaigns which effectively position companies in the ever-changing worldwide
entertainment marketplace. Activities begin with a detailed analysis of a client's
current position in the industry and careful review of short and long-term corporate
objectives. Then, a comprehensive program of advertising, media and promotional
activities and collateral materials is developed and implemented to meet these goals.
Print and on-screen logos, corporate brochures, ad campaigns, and corporate video
profiles are just a few of the materials Ambergate creates for new and expanding

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