KDM maintains excellent relationships with the advertising executives at numerous
publications, including the international entertainment trades, and stays abreast of
all special upcoming issues, tributes and discounts on an ongoing basis.

Media strategies for print, TV, radio and new media (i.e. Internet)
Monitor special issues calendars of all trade papers
Negotiate positions, frequency rates and discounts, as applicable
Final bookings
Tracking, follow-up and tear sheets

KDM's film, digital, video and audio production resources facilitate the creation of
highly successful audiovisual presentations for a wide range of clients. With an
emphasis on both quality and cost-efficiency, KDM, over the years, has assembled
a talented pool of creative and production resources. Services include complete
production supervision, scriptwriting, film and video editing, special effects, recording
sessions, music buy-outs and scoring, animation, interviewing and live-action
Advertising, sales and promotional materials include:

TV and radio spots
Promo reels
On-screen corporate logos
Corporate profiles
Sales presentations
CD-I/CD-ROM/DVD presentations
Sell sections

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